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About a week or two ago, I made a to-do list of things I wanted to knock out over the week. I added to it as I went along, and it ended up taking about 2 weeks to finish. I think I only had a couple items left over - Making Granola (I ended up making/having other food fill that carb void (tried some corn-based pasta), and I did not cook some beets I wanted to cook. And prepping/painting interior of doll house. These got rolled over to this week's new list.

I also got a couple things done extra last week that I had not planned on. I did a fridge purge of items I know I don't want/need/that should be tossed. It was not really full but after the purge it's spacious enough to where I don't even have to make space for anything new that goes in.

I got some items off to auction, and found places for things that were piling up on the loveseat. My cats hang out there now.

There are a couple of things that I mis-estimated how long or how complicated it would be to finish - mostly because I decided I wanted to invest more time in them - mainly painting the dollhouse and signs. I'm restoring an old dollhouse that I got from my boss, who finds things in dumpsters, estate sales, and on the side of the road.

(Having problem inserting pics but they will go here)
OH WAIT: LJ is being a fuck tard.... I seem to have used up all of my storage space.

This is what happens when I have not posted in a dog's age. Perhaps I should add downloading archived pics to my to do list.. (sigh) I wonder if facebook will do the same one day.

I had planned on painting a FEW signs for the community garden:

1. The main sigh to go out by the road (which I did finish - Pics below),

2. Some extra signs for a garden thief we had visiting, and some individual signs for plant markers. The garden thief appears to have disappeared, so I'm glad I did not finish those signs.

3. Individual garden signs. I did not have time to do these. I'm glad because I wanted more time to see what was out there on the Internet. I got to do my research last night which validated what I had in mind and how colorful/visible I thought it would look - so it also got rolled over to this week's list.

So last night I settled down and worked up all the items that had been swimming in my head as immediate needs into a 2-column list for the coming week (or two):

The left column has regular items: (Dishes/Laundry) and some organizational de-clutter items for week. I decided to pick one small are per each room, (clear off ottoman in Living room) or (Clear off Dresser in Bedroom) or Cooking planning for the week (make granola, cook beets).

The right column will have fun/creative/home improvement items (prime doll house interior) (replace light switch and porch light) (Heat gun one section of bathroom doorway).

Last week these items were kind of sorted that way unconsciously, and I was trying to keep them neck and neck as I went along.. (not just doing the fun stuff), This helped me keep from being bogged down with boring stuff, and the back and forth rhythm between boring and fun kept me motivated and going.



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