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The house next door is owned and managed by this company:

James Faris
Quest Real Estate, LLC
615 E ML King
Chattanooga, TN 37403

The tenants he is renting out to are very negligent of the property. I had to call the police tonight because they had a dog chained up in their side lot all day who has been barking non-stop for the past 4 hours without any form of shelter. It was about 15 feet from my bedroom window. I had that side of the house closed off, and the tv blasting and I could STILL hear the dog.

I tried knocking. I could see kids playing from their side windows but nobody answered. If the mom was there she was not answering. I yelled through the door that they needed to get their dog to quit barking or I would call the police. Since I received no response I called the cops. Fortunately they answered the door for them.

Here is a link to the Pictures of the trash


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Dec. 8th, 2012 11:46 am (UTC)
Update: My apologies for not posting an update earlier. I called the landlord and left a voicemail explaining my concerns about the dog and the trash and then contacted the city codes department about the litter situation.

I've not seen the dog out since. I don't know if they had to get rid of her or if they are keeping her inside.

The next morning a good amount of the trash was picked up and within three days it was completely cleaned up and trash hauled off. They also managed to get their trash to the curb this week.

I'm hoping it stays on an even keel. I've owned this house for 10 years, and I've discovered it is mostly a matter of being consistent about letting people know what the minimum standards are that must be maintained for health and safety. The city is very good when it comes to backing people up on valid health and safety concerns. If they came from an apartment complex with a maintenance person they may have got in the habit of having someone pick up after them. They may have just been working through their learning curve.

Perhaps if I had paid three times as much for a house in the suburbs, I would not have these kinds of problems. I only paid $53,900 for my house (well more if you count all the interest on the mortgage). Making a couple calls/posts/emails once in a while is a small price to pay in exchange for saving $100,000

Most people are so afraid of confrontation that they impoverish themselves to avoid it. And think about it.. Isolation does not make the problem go away. It will just spring up somewhere else.

If this had been let go neither the tenants, their children, nor the landlord would have learned nothing. The butterfly effect is that they all are learning how to be responsible if they want to maintain their situation. The other neighbors also benefit by not having to look at a trash yard and they do not feel compelled to leave to get away from the mess. The neighbors will not shun them as much if they keep their yard picked up.

I just consider this community parenting - sometimes you have to make the kids do their chores.

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Dec. 8th, 2012 12:04 pm (UTC)
Oh, and regarding that MLK comment: if it were 30 years ago, I might agree with you. But that is not the case any longer.

But there has been a LOT of financial investment in the Downtown area of MLK and there are numerous refurbished and new buildings and construction going on on MLK and Main Street. This area is part of the Southside. There is a Magnet school, and all sorts of nice shops going in there.

The offices where this landlord resides are decent. He just recently acquired the property and these are literally his first tenants at this residence. The fact that he is a local and in town is GREAT. I'd far rather deal with someone who is in town than someone from the next county or the next state or some investment company halfway across the country.

Chattanooga is also in a transition period with their public housing. They are taking down a lot of the large apartment complexes and going to a voucher system where a person getting housing assistance has to find an individual property for rent. So things are going to be chaotic for a couple years while the tenants learn that they have to pick up after themselves and the landlords learn that they are going to have to play an active role in making sure their tenants don't trash up their properties.

It's just something that has to be worked through and the sooner everyone gets on board and gets everyone working through their learning curves the sooner good habits will be established and things can mostly settle down.

As long as you are vigilant about keeping up basic enforceable standards, you will either have people who learn to maintain a doable minimum, or they will find another place to be messy. But at least it won't be your neighborhood.

I think it will take about 2-3 years for all the dust to settle in Chattanooga during the transition from Complex/project to individual rentals. But you will always have the occasional bad egg pop up. Especially when your rental rate in a neighborhood is over 50%.
Feb. 23rd, 2013 12:36 am (UTC)
The neighbor is slowly learning to remember to put out trash. She does it every other week. I hope she gets more consistent before the weather turns warm or it will be a major health hazard.
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