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I have too much crap and not enough time to deal with it all.

I need to make a donation run to goodwill in the near future just to get some breathing room.

2012 New Year Resolutions

I think I will be expanding on some things I have already started on.  

1. Only buy meat and dairy is at minimum RBGH-free (recombinant bovine growth hormone) if not organic. Because I have a modest income, the way I achieve this now is by cooking from scratch. This means a lot more dishes and a lot more prep time. Also I am eating more beans, and whole grains.

2. I am working on trying to find a source for bulk corn meal that is NO-GMO, which I think is more critical than getting organic and is a separate labeling than organic. Organic is a designation as to how the item is grown, but GMO free has to be separately tested. What this really means is that in addition to being gluten intolerant, I am reduced down to GMO free rice and potatoes for my starches. Another reason I have become a bean eating peasant.

3. Yard and Garden: I want to build some raised beds, that are easy to mow around, to do my gardening in. I want to continue the evolution of my compost pile, and finish pruning the yard so I can use the branches to make wattle fences. Oh, and I need to build a new Jig to hold uprights that are up to 1" in diameter...

4. Diet: explore Probiotic Health: Try to experiment with the top 10 probiotic foods. See if adding them to my life improves my gut and overall health. 

5. I want to use up my old organic seeds (they may or may not be any good) and I want to purchase Heirloom seeds. I also want to actually do some canning this year. Tomatoes! Must grown and can massive amounts of tomatoes!

6. I want to get my SEWING ROOM in some sort of order! It's a messy storehouse now (and that's giving it a compliment.)

7 & 8. I think I want to set up an Etsy Shop or something to earn a few extra thousand dollars a year. Julia thought I could sell that scarf I made for $200 - which is what I thought it worked out to at Chinese slave hourly wages. If I sell a few things like that I can afford to have some work done on my house. Maybe I just need to find a plumber and a roofer, etc.  who want top-notch hand knit items. I desperately need to earn more money than I am now if I want to keep up on the care of myself and of my home and car. Option three is to go hold a sign out at Liberty Taxes..

9. Finish doing my volunteer time at the Bike Co-Op and pay the rest of my membership money so I can have a bike to (not) ride and feel guilty about later. Move the dining room table into the sewing room and make the dining room an exercise area and office.

10. I'm drawing a blank.. I am sure there is something I am forgetting. Keep saving money I guess. Try to have some sort of sane sleep schedule, I dunno. We will figure it out. Comments and suggestions welcome.

I'm still here. 2012 stuff

I have become involved with the Occupy Movement locally which has kept me fairly busy.

I'll post my new years resolutions shortly.

Whew! I'm 199 Lbs!

I weighed myself this weekend, and I'm 199 Pounds! I had gained a few from my old low of 200 and finally beat it back and am now continuing with my weight loss.

I also caught the flu and a cold and was laid out of a bout a week.
I had to quit doing yard work for a week, and it's all on me now so I'm playing catch up for the week.
I also took on some work on the  yard next door that is for sale, and I am trying to clear off our common fence.

I can tell I've been building strength since taking that up. Now I know why all the little old ladies who are always puttering in thier gardens are so tiny. Gardening is strenuous work!

I can now tolerate doing hours and hours of it instead of wimping out after a half hour.
I have to limit myself to the early morning hours during this heat wave, but it keeps me from getting too worn out.

I have had a couple run ins with poison ivy but now do the  Hand-Sanitizer (gel alcholol) wash and cold rinse followed by pouring straight dawn dish soap on my skin like it's lotion, and cleaning down with that and the double treatment removes all the volatile oils from my skin and the rash never gets bad.

I was weed eating yesterday and a bit hit my eyelid, and when it began to blister up last night so I did the treatment and it worked! Thank goodness or I'd have been forced to go to the doc.

I am giving away my huge couch this weekend. Once the couch goes away I will spread out the chairs and put more books in there and and look for a cute antique love seat to better fit the room. I am getting rid of furniture that is not the right scale for the room, and have gone through all of my files once and weeded out about 10 file cubes worth of files I don't need. I save the inside stuff for when the weather is not any good outside (too hot, too wet or too dark) so far it seems to balance out. Still need work done on my outbuilding roof though.

Just been really busy - posting more on Facebook lately.

grieving process...

A while back I know things were not going to work out with me and my live-in boyfriend, and I began to distance myself from him.

He moved out this past weekend - and then 2 days later I had to put my kitty to sleep.

I had tried to get a lot of stuff done that I could not do as quickly alone, like the interior demo on the outbuilding, and a lot of work was just a way to stay "out of the way / busy until I had the place to myself.

I had done my agonizing and given up long ago with the boy. He had given up on himself, he would not take care of himself or bathe or shave regularly, he would refuse to get new clothes and essentially wore rags, so he had nothing decent to job hunt in, and I was too embarrassed to have company over because of it. And that was before he even got his own computer. It was even worse after. It was a relationship that I should have never allowed to happen and then I let it drag on too long. That is whey when he finally moved out it was a relief. My previous boyfriend had similar problems.

The loss of my cat however was really unexpected. Even though I had recently found out he had FIV, I was still thinking he could crank out a few more years. But I was reminded that the world does not always run on your schedule.

I am glad I was not playing in the SCA much for the past year because it allowed me to spend loads of time with him, and I would have felt even more guilt than I already do. Before he got really sick, he used to come up to me and claw my pant leg so he could sit in my lap. He spent a good part of the winter in my lap any time I watched TV. He would lay on my stomach and chest when I slept at night and just purr and purr. Of all the cats I had, he was definitely the uber-lap cat and I got closer to him than any other cat I've had.

I was surprised at how quickly I wanted to clear out all the cat stuff as soon as I came home from the vet. I did not want to see a single reminder of him - it was just too painful. The same thing happened when I got divorced. (I tossed every picture, etc. I think I only saved photos of my wedding cake because it was a della robbia cake that I had made to order. )

I managed to gather all the cat stuff into one spot and clean it all / toss it / or give it away.  I vacuumed most of the house to clear any cat hair (which was easy as he had been confining himself to one rug for the past week or so and I'd been cleaning since the boy had left. I took a bunch of pics of him before I sent him to the vet and put one on my desktop at home.

So all of this wanting to forget and being free to change things has put me into a maelstrom of cleaning that has me re-organizing the entire house.  The last time I lived alone was in 1994 before I got married. I used to have a neat clean apartment that was organized so I could clean it easy. I did not have a lot, and that made it easier as well.

There are a few boxes the boy left behind that are now by the front door ready to be sorted through (for a yard sale or goodwill), And he had a truckload of stuff that went out with him. There was some furniture he opted not to take, that I will have to get rid of, and once all of that is clear I will be very close to having my home organized.

Part of me likes being by myself, and part of me really misses the company. I will need to get the house in order soon so it can be fit for company. I still cry a little when I think of my little bear, but I know that will fade in time and I have plenty to keep me busy.

I'll miss you kitty....

I had to take my cat to the vet today and put him down. He had FIV (feline aids) . His name was Herbert the Sherbert but I called him Little Bear most of the time.

He was brought in as a stray in October of 2007 and was very sickly - we think he was less than a year old. If we had not taken him in he probably would have died before the end of the month. He lived a fairly good life despite his lack of vitality, but right after the storms came through in late April he had a seizure and I ended up taking him to the vet and that's when we found out about his FIV.

He had a bad cold and they put him on antibiotics, and he was better for a bit - it gave me another month with him.... but still had issues with circling around (the seizure/stroke affected his right side) and eventually (after the antibiotics wore off he started eating less and less and then this weekend did not go to the bathroom at all. Cats with FIV develop this "bloat" at the end and so I had him put down as he looked like he was beginning to be on the miserable side.

He was such a loving kitty. Goodby Little Bear, I'll miss you...

Doors, trim and Closets

Progress continues on the door I mentioned in my previous post:

I think I am going to stop scraping at this yellow layer and use a heat gun or if that does not work then paint stripper to get off the rest.

If it comes down to using stripper, then I think I might purchase 2 box fans to put in windows -- I can set up a cross breeze to keep fresh air blowing through the house that way... I hate the fumes.

I am in the process of moving some items around, and I have emptied out a closet in the back bedroom and am going to be prepping it for paint. It still has a layer of ancient green paint which I want to cover up.


I want to use a primer with some gripping power so the new paint will hold. I'll have to go through my paint stash and see what I have. I also need a primer coat just to block out the color. I want to paint the closet as white as possible so it will be airy with plenty of of light. It looks far too gloomy now. The door however will be stripped just like in the first pic. This room also needs the Upson board (AKA: Upsonite) removed as the wall material and be replaced with sheet rock. The upson board is all warped and looks awful. A new ceiling was put in before I bought the place.

I'm going to move the big ladder and a couple of lamps in there tomorrow night and do the dreaded whisking of the cobwebs (shudders).

All over the place...

I am inside this weekend - when I got tired of working on the floor I went around cleaning door jambs and the door edges near the knob..ever notice how dirty they can get over time? All of the interior trim in my house - I want to strip it all and restore it to a stained finish.. I hate dealing with peeling paint and it's so humid in the south that painted finishes did not always make sense (My Best friend gave me that insight when I was bemoaning all the flaking paint)

Anyway, I started compulsively picking at the paint on one door, then I went and got the paint scraper...then about an hour later I had a nice pile of paint chips on the floor and a partially scraped door.

As you can see the top coat was white, then a peachy white, then an old yellow, below that (you cannot see this from the pic) there is a garish period bright green, then another pale color then bare wood. The back of the house has the kitchen and what I call the back bedroom/sewing room. These rooms never had stained wood, so the heat gun will not work as well there so it will be scraping and stripping when the time comes, Right now I'm just scraping off all of the loose stuff.
My kitchen floor has some very old linoleum tile that has seen better days.

When I first bought the house the floor was covered in a layer of filthy wax.  The little old lady who lived there was in no shape to strip the floors, and probably could not see that well either.

I had managed to strip the floor wax off - but I never replaced it. Which was probably a dumb move because it made it more vulnerable to scuffs and scratches.

Well when my kitchen ceiling was replaced, the guys were rather rough moving stuff around (appliances, etc) and really scuffed up the floor bad.

Even after cleaning, those black streaks were there and I could not get them out. the scuffs were actual gouges where dirt was going to collect regardless unless I smoothed it back out. It occurred to me that if I can sand wood, why can't I sand Linoleum tile. It's the same material all the way through, so it should be no problem. But instead of sandpaper, why not use steel wool - a very fine grit, so as to discourage grit from collecting.

I realized I probably needed to wax the floor after I did this so things would slide over it easier and not scuff it up again.

So I did an experiment. I took an especially bad area (by the stove who was the major scuff culprit) and selected 4 squares to clean and wax.

Here are the PICTURES!Collapse )

Eventually, I'll peel off the myriad of layers of flooring and hopefully restore the heart pine floors that I suspect are underneath, that or put down an encaustic tile floor. The kitchen looks very "30's" now, but I want to do something more Victorian.



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