Restoration of a Victorian Cottage

And other my_lady_f mundania...

Creative and artistic, my blue-collar parents never understood all of my artsy hobbies...so my friends ended up being more like my family. I'm the kid who in high school hung out with the band geeks and played Pente in the library during lunch and took foreign language and art classes.

I discovered the SCA in 92 and that is where my artistic curiosity received carte blanche.. I got to learn to my hearts content and it took 10 years for my cup to runneth over.. Also married and divorced there..

After the divorce I became less attached to the SCA for a while although I'm more active in it today. Check out my LJ site francesca_tessa
for my current SCA goings on. Played around with Dance for a couple years while on a job assignment in Knoxville - Argentine Tango, Swing Dance, Contra Dance. Ran around with the Goth community up there for a while, not so much going on here, and have been busy with the house since my return to Chattanooga.

Since Returning to Chattanooga in May 2007, I have stepped up my participation with my Local Neighborhood association and am still their Secretary and do their newsletter. This year I'm participating in the National Leadership Institute to build additional skills and knowledge to better help my local community. I also particpate in the Ridgedale Sewing and Crafts Society. I've designed the Sewing society's brochure which they use to recruit new members and the draft for the Community Assocations' brochure has been submitted and is in the editing process.

Scenes I'm still active in: SCA, and my Local Community. I regularly attend SCA events and to the occasional larger event outside. Also attend the occasional medieval studies conference, and do occasional out of town weekend stays or visits to historic areas or museum exhibits.
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